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Unified Communications by Panasonic

Boost the productivity of your UK business with Panasonic software

Unified Communications (UM) blends real-time services such as IP telephony and video conferencing with non real-time services such as voicemail, email, SMS and fax.

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It's a powerful concept that delivers a unified user interface and user experience across different devices and media. Telephone Systems (UK) and Panasonic Unified Communications products help you enjoy the benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced communication response times
  • Business process integration

Helping businesses of all sizes

Unified communications helps organisations like yours to streamline information flow and make data easier to use:

  • Human delays are reduced
  • Customers enjoy enhanced service delivery
  • Your business saves (and makes) money

There are environmental benefits too, in the form of reduced business travel and a smaller carbon footprint.

Seamless integration with your Panasonic phone system

Panasonic is a leader in unified communication productivity software. Their flagship application is the Communication Assistant productivity software suite. This integrates with Panasonic phone systems, your voice mail systems, computer telephony and call recorders.

Streamlining your business processes

As more UK businesses abandon desktop environments, more employees go mobile. They work at different offices, from home and on the road. Every day, Panasonic applications help them stay close to customers and suppliers with simpler business processes that are available anywhere.

The Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity software suite

The Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity software suite is a highly intuitive unified application. It combines point and click telephony with presence, availability, Microsoft Outlook® integration, visual voice messaging and collaboration tools. The result? Simpler, more efficient business telephony in two environments:

  • Server-less environments (for single-site small and medium organisations)
  • Server-based environments (multi-site organisations with up to eight locations).

Features and benefits

The features of the Panasonic Unified Communications Communication Assistant productivity software suite include these:

  • View real-time availability and presence
  • Dial contacts visually
  • Check presence across multi-site networks
  • IP Softphone options for your remote workers
  • Desktop customer relationship management (CRM) Integration (TAPI Based)
  • Visual Access to common functions
  • Dockable feature toolbar
  • Unified Messaging capability with Voice Mail Assistant (VMA)
  • Microsoft Outlook® Integration
  • Chat / Instant Messaging
  • Fully Searchable call history
  • Supports lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP)
  • Thin Client Environment Support

The benefits include these:

  • Ease of use with simple, intuitive GUI design, easy settings and customisation
  • Increased business productivity
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • At-a-glance call history and staff availability
  • Convenient integration with other business productivity applications

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