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Telephone Systems for Manufacturing

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Enable fast, effective interaction and speedy response times with the range of Network Communication Platforms and Applications. Panasonic solutions are designed with business specific features built-in, with a range of devices suited to workers in a wide range of locations and environments.

Telephone Systems for Manufacturing

Example Problem

A manufacturing company needs a solution for contacting employees who are often mobile, working away from a desk due to other responsibilities within the factory.

Panasonic Solution

Business-smart wireless handsets allow office mobility, so that employees can receive calls whilst away from a desk. Built-in features can even allow a wireless handset to have the same extension as a desk phone, so colleagues and customers can always stay in touch. Multi-Cell DECT Solutions provide automatic call hand-over between cells in a large or multifloor building, enhancing coverage and providing true communication mobility. The range of handsets include a ruggedized DECT model that is suitable for tough environments, such as manufacturing and meets strict dust and splash resistant standards to protect the handset. Devices support variable volume control, vibrate alert for quiet environments and headset support.