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Telephone Systems for Call Centres

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Panasonic Unified Communications provide advanced communication solutions to help improve customer service and enhance customer satisfaction within a busy call centre environment thanks to its range of Network Communication Platforms and Applications.

Telephone Systems for Call Centres Panasonic solutions have call centre specific features built-in to help improve the overall phone call experience for the customer, including Incoming Call Distribution Groups and Automated Attendant. Combined with Desktop Productivity Applications, business efficiency can be improved through simplified and enhanced real time communication, and call centre Supervisors can benefit from visual tools to manage group members’ telephony activities.

Example Problem

An internal company helpdesk is receiving high call volumes, which is leading to long call queues for customers, resulting in poor customer satisfaction.

Panasonic Solution

There is a need to improve customer satisfaction by reducing call lengths without compromising the quality of the call with the customer. The Panasonic Network Communication Platform (NCP) together with Communication Assistant desktop productivity application supports Incoming Call Distribution (ICD) Groups, which allows management of calls to available agents, by using an integral queue system. Automated Attendant is used to professionally greet customers and help reduce call traffic by transferring calls to the most appropriate department. Communication Assistant Supervisor allows call centre Team Leaders and Supervisors to monitor and record phone calls in order to assess the quality of call handling, and they can even intervene by taking over a call if needed. Telephony activity is enhanced through an ability to monitor each agent’s phone status as well as various important statistics, such as total calls handled, average waiting time and lost calls, thus helping to increase team productivity. Screen messages and Point and Click Call Control allow agents to handle calls more quickly and efficiently, while CRM software integration helps improve call quality by quickly and easily accessing customer data records.