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Choose a private network to securely link a few local sites

For a reliable, secure and easily managed phone and data network. Managed IPVPN or Internet VPN might be the solution if your locations are scattered across the UK and other international locations. However, if your sites are nearby, Telephone Systems (UK) can often deliver the highest security and capacity levels with one of our bespoke private networks.

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What are private networks?

Private networks are networks that use private IP space, so IP addresses are not globally delegated, can’t be allocated to specific organisations and can’t be routed within the public internet. Where these networks connect to the internet they must use a network address translator (NAT) or a proxy server – rather like your home network for computers, printers and other devices.

Secure, robust fixed line private networking

If your sites are close together a private IT network offers optimal security and capacity, and fixed line access services are highly robust and can often be designed with resilient circuit paths. Once we’ve fully understood your needs and identified this as a suitable solution, we’ll design and build a private network using dedicated [leased lines] and/or Ethernet circuits to connect your sites directly to each other.

Would a private network be right for your business?

A private network is likely to be ideal if the following applies:

  • Up to six nearby offices need high levels of reliability and capacity.
  • You need a high degree of control over performance and protocol support.
  • You need to minimise potential transmission delays between sites.

Private networks: the business Benefits

Properly designed, installed and configured private networks offer the following benefits:

  • Security – permanent, private communication between a few offices or data centres.
  • Robustness – private point-to-point WAN connections deliver reliable, dedicated site-to-site bandwidth.
  • Choice – enjoy a range of bandwidth options (up to 10Gbps).
  • Cost effectivenessprivate networks are ideal for short distances. Although they lack some management services associated with Managed IPVPN networks, private networks are a highly effective way to move large amounts of data, voice and/or video traffic reliably and securely between sites.

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Which benefits will your business enjoy from one of our private networks? Contact us for more information.