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Panasonic KXTVM 200 Voicemail systems

Enhance your Birmingham business with Panasonic KXTVM 200 Voicemail

The Panasonic KXTVM 200 voicemail system is a powerful, easy-to-use business productivity tool. It’s perfect for Birmingham businesses requiring up to 1000 hours of voice storage and 1024 password-protected mailboxes.

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The system, based on Panasonic PBX CTI software, will work seamlessly with your Panasonic phone system to deliver the following voice management services:

  • Attendant services
  • Transfer services
  • Mailbox services
  • Message delivery services
  • Network service with CTI

Seamless integration with Panasonic CTI Phone Assistant software

The KXTVM 200 answers calls when staff can’t, then emails the message to the recipient at any location with email. When voice mail systems such as the KXTVM 200 (or its companion products) are deployed with Panasonic CTI Phone Assistant software, it’s easy to open, manage, or email voicemail messages using a PC.

Valuable benefits help you do business

Powerful Panasonic systems such as the KXTVM 200 are much more than just call recorders. Here's a selection of the benefits:

  • Help up to 1024 staff work more productively.
  • Make sure important messages are received with reliable message relaying.
  • Manage operator costs, out-of-hours reception and message filters to run your business more efficiently.
  • Develop new services based on your voicemail system.
  • Enjoy easy access to your Panasonic KXTVM 200 voicemail system with the Panasonic Phone Assistant (VMA).
  • Record important messages (up to 1000 hours recording time).

Recommended and installed by Telephone Systems (UK)

For up to 1024 mailboxes, Panasonic KXTVM 200 voicemail makes your staff more productive whether they’re in or out of the office. As your Panasonic KXTVM 50E voicemail systems partner, we’ll help you help you harness this power.

Contact us to see the Panasonic KXTVM 200 voicemail system in action or to discover more about how computer telephony can help you do business more profitably.