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Panasonic KX-TDE Hybrid Telephone Systems

As your business expands, a Panasonic KX-TDE hybrid phone system offers several options for your needs. These include an easily expandable free-slot design and a licence system to activate built-in virtual IP ports. What’s more, if you already run a KXTDA 100/200 system with V3 software (or later), you can upgrade to the KX-TDE by replacing the main processor card.

A powerful hybrid phone system that grows with your business

Mix and match IP handsets, digital, analogue, DECT and more

The latest Panasonic KX-system is an IP hybrid of the KX-TDA 100 and 200 PBX systems. They support all Panasonic’s current KXTDA handsets so you can mix and match IP handsets, IP softphones, analogue DECT and digital equipment to suit your requirements. Naturally, the KXTDE operates on any standards-based 10/100 Mb network (non-IP phones will require a conventionally wired infrastructure).

Panasonic KX-TDE and Telephone Systems (UK).

As your locally based Panasonic specialist, we’ll help you achieve the perfect system – and combine it with a powerful Calls & Lines package, fast business broadband, and any other Products & Services required. Imagine how your business would be empowered if staff could use VoIP, and the IP VPN routers we’ll install for you, to access your KX-TDE PBX cost-free from anywhere in the country – or the world. You could even keep your existing KX-TDA desk phones and upgrade the central system to IP technology.

Telephone Systems (UK) can make this happen and it’s easier than you’d think. Contact us now for more information about cost-effective, expandable Panasonic KX-TDE hybrid phone systems.