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One Simple Bill

Our simple bill for easier business administration

Depending on its clarity and the information it contains, the bill for your business lines and calls could be the key to profitable telephone bill analysis – and increased efficiencies. It could also show you how much Telephone Systems (UK) is saving you on Cheaper Lines & Calls…

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Easier telephone bill analysis for UK businesses

At Telephone Systems (UK), a locally based BT Openreach partner, we understand that ‘phone costs’ are more than just the costs of making calls, renting lines or circuits, or using ADSL broadband. There’s also the administration – telephone bill analysis is a sizeable and time-consuming task for most businesses. And if you currently use many different suppliers, have you noticed how they often send separate bills for different services? And how they all seem to have a different support number – often for a hard-to-use offshore call centre.

One simple bill - the benefits

We can simplify the chore of telephone bill analysis by covering your major communications services in one simple bill. From cheaper business calls to business broadband, this helps minimise costs as well as providing improved flexibility and efficiency savings. Every month, you get one simple bill, and with it, a single point of contact for account management and support covering your mobile, fixed line, VoIP and internet services. Suddenly life, like your bill, looks simpler...

What you get?

Easy-to-understand billing and helpful UK-based support comes as standard with Telephone Systems UK. Here’s what you get:

  • Full cost-centre management of all services in a single bill
  • Each bill is clearly subdivided by product set and split by user or cost centre for easy telephone bill analysis.
  • 24/7 access to online billing and call data via your own Online Billing Analysis system.
  • The ability to run a wide range of standard and bespoke reports on your call data.
  • A clear, easy to understand bill.

Start benefiting

Isn’t it time you enjoyed simple billing and its advantages for telephone bill analysis? It’s part of the package when you join us for cheaper business calls, cheaper business lines, cheaper broadband or the other telecommunications services we provide to UK businesses. Contact us for more details.