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Managed IP VPN

Managed IP VPN could transform your business

Wherever you do business, the time comes when you must harness the power of internet protocol (IP) for business applications, enjoy cheaper business calls and create secure private networks. That’s when you should think Managed IPVPN and a partnership with Telephone Systems (UK) – your local specialists.

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The power of Managed IPVPN

You’re running several sites that need to share IT and information resources, or you want to use Hosted Systems and VoIP, or benefit from high speed access to corporate intranet and business-to-business (B2B) extranets. Whatever you need, you’ll be exchanging business critical data securely over a reliable and cost effective IP infrastructure. Nothing less than a robust IP virtual private network solution will do – supported by a proven Managed IPVPN specialist. Telephone Systems (UK) can help you utilise capability Managed IPVPN to bring traffic such as voice, video and data into one streamlined IT network that gives each application the required priority.

Reliable systems access for all your sites – and remote workers

We’ll help you use simplified wide area network (WAN) architecture to lower costs, enjoy convenient single-supplier management and benefit from an expandable network that grows with you. And we’ll help you connect locations with secure networking, and all the bandwidth and resilience needed to ensure systems access at all times from anywhere - including remote workers.

Is managed IPVPN right for my UK business?

Managed IPVPN could be right for you if the following apply:

  • You need a simplified IT network infrastructure.
  • You want to use Managed IPVPN for converged voice and data (including cheaper business calls).
  • Data communication is business critical.
  • You want to improve processes.
  • You envisage more efficient customer communications.
  • A single supplier would simplify operations.
  • You want to reduce bandwidth by relocating servers to a centralised data centre with reliable backup and data mirroring.
  • You want reduced overheads from outsourcing management of WAN infrastructure.
  • You need fast, reliable, expandable and secure inter-site networking.
  • You want to migrate your servers into a central hosting centre, so you can add more capacity without needing costly upgrades at any one site.

From cheaper broadband to secure leased lines, Telephone Systems (UK) understands the difference Managed IPVPN can make for your growing business.

The business benefits

Here are the business benefits that Managed IPVPN can bring:

  • Save money – rationalise suppliers and infrastructure to reduce costs: reduce complexity and cost with a common network for voice and data.
  • Increase efficiency – improve operational efficiency and use technology to give yourself a business advantage.
  • Eliminate hassle – simplify a complex process and build a transition plan that fits your business needs.
  • Ensure scalability – build a responsive managed business IT network with security, scalability and flexibility.
  • Prioritise – prioritise data traffic with Quality of Services (QoS) and ensure that critical and time sensitive data always gets where it's needed by prioritising traffic using Classes of Service (CoS).

It's possible with Managed IPVPN

It’s all possible and Telephone Systems (UK) can make it happen. Contact us to take the first step towards enjoying your fast, secure, reliable Managed IPVPN.