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Do you need ‘ultimate internet access’, want to operate a secure managed IPVPN, or simply need to connect geographically separate offices? If so, consider leased lines from Telephone Systems (UK) – your local leased line providers.

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Leased lines: simple, reliable and high performing

Leased lines are ‘always on’ symmetric telecommunications lines (as distinct from asymmetrical digital subscriber lines, or ADSL) between two places. Leased lines encompass traditional fixed circuit technology as well as next generation Ethernet services and are usually deployed over dedicated fibre-optic cables.

Unlike most broadband services, leased lines don’t rely on complex packet networking, so they’re simpler, more reliable and offer highly predictable performance. They can be used for phone, data or internet and, unlike traditional lines, they don’t come with a phone number – each end is permanently connected to the other. Along with choosing the right leased line provider, this is key to their performance, reliability and security. Moreover, they’re perfect for Internet VPN, private networks or cheaper business calls using VoIP telephony.

When to consider leased line providers for your UK business?

Leased line providers such as Telephone Systems (UK) come into their own where sites require reliable access to internet and/or Managed IPVPN networks – or connection to other sites in your business IT network.

  • Internet access is business critical.
  • You need constant high-capacity internet access or a managed IPVPN.
  • One simple bill and fixed monthly line cost would help your budgeting.
  • You require excellent uptime and fix-time SLAs.
  • You want a secure, dedicated leased line.
  • Head office supports branch sites where uptime is critical.
  • You need good control over network traffic and performance planning.

The business benefits

As your leased line provider, we’ll help you enjoy these benefits:

  • Increased productivity – cheaper broadband across leased lines allows teams to work faster and more productively.
  • Fixed monthly fees – leased lines usually come with a convenient fixed monthly rate determined by the distance between the ends of the circuit and the circuit speed.
  • Scalability – leased lines are scalable to your changing needs. Connection speeds between 2Mbps and 1Gbps are available.
  • No contention – a dedicated connection with guaranteed bandwidth and predictable high performance ensures no contention at the point of delivery.
  • Control – management reports let you monitor performance.
  • Flexibility – your leased lines give a reliable and dedicated connection, with the flexibility of fixed and tiered solutions to meet changing needs. You only pay for what you need and you can increase capacity at any time without disruptive physical changes to your IT network.
  • Support – enhanced SLAs ensure that business critical applications receive 24/7 support. Unlike broadband services, leased lines offer greater uptime and generally come with a standard 4–5 hour fix-time SLA.

Your local leased lines provider

Interested? Contact Telephone Systems (UK) and meet the leading leased line providers.