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ISDN30 Line Rental Costs

High quality at a low price.

ISDN30 is a high quality digital option for larger organisations up to 30 lines. The BT ISDN30 service is known as ISDN30e (the ‘e’ suffix indicates European-compliance). Given the capability of this digital option, and the range of functionality it makes available to organisations, we’re sure you’ll find our ISDN30 rental costs to be very reasonable.

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Line Charges
Service Monthly Line Rental
ISDN30 £14.10 per channel
DDI £0.22 per number

ISDN30 rental costs are a small part of your digital telephony investment

Making the upgrade to ISDN30 enables larger organisations to enjoy powerful digital telephony. Once ISDN30 has been installed, regular ISDN30 rental costs complete the modest whole-life investment in this advanced telephony. In practice, compared with the considerable enterprise-wide benefits of ISDN30, the rental costs represent a relatively small ongoing investment.

Different rental costs depending on length of contract

ISDN30 rental costs will vary with the agreed length of contract (as with all ISDN line rentals, longer contracts generally mean lower monthly rental costs). Simple regular line rental makes it easy to budget for an ISDN30 installation. What’s more, future expansion of your business can be easily and quickly matched by adding more ISDN30 channels – with a proportional increase in ISDN30 rental costs.

ISDN30 rental costs can be further subdivided as follows:

  • Presentation Number cost
  • DDI (Direct Dialling In) rental costs
  • Line rental costs (the main ISDN30 rental costs)
  • Additional services and applications specified by you.

Great service and clear billing complements competitive ISDN30 rental

When you entrust us with your ISDN30 rental, you can count on clear periodic billing that makes it easy to administer your telephone lines. What’s more, other telephony costs can be included in the same single billing for easy administration.

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