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ISDN30 Installation Costs

A modest investment for the benefit of between 8 and 30 users.

ISDN30 (BT calls it ISDN30e) is an advanced digital phone line option for larger organisations with between eight and 30 users. In view of the potential business productivity benefits you’ll enjoy from going digital, ISDN30 installation costs can represent a very modest business investment.

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Line Charges
Service Installation
ISDN30 £660.00
Per channel £36.00
DDI planning fee £97.20
DDI £0.98 per number

ISDN30 installation costs are surprisingly reasonable

As progressive organisation requiring optimum call clarity and reliable, fast connections, can you afford to avoid the modest one-off ISDN30 installation costs? Viewed alongside the benefits of ISDN30 they appear particularly appealing. Installation typically involves a single installation fee; this is followed by ongoing line rental over an agreed period. Please ask us about the different options.

Here’s a summary of the main elements of ISDN30 installation costs

  • Initial installation fee depending on the required number of ISDN30 channels.
  • Other services associated with your installation (e.g. DDI planning and installation or caller ID services).
  • Transfer costs (if required).

Naturally, we’ll help you through the process to ensure a fast, seamless transition to ISDN30 and its benefits.

Contact us now for competitive ISDN30 installation costs

Contact us now for details of the competitive installation costs that will give you the power of ISDN30. When your competitors are doing everything to get an advantage, can you afford not to consider this telephony option? Trust us. With years of experience in digital phone line supply, we’ll take the hassle out of moving up to ISDN30.