Telephone Systems


ISDN stands for Integrated Service Digital Network.

We’ll help you benefit from ISDN2

As the simplest digital upgrade from traditional analogue lines, ISDN offers greater data-handling capacity, reliability and clarity than traditional Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) analogue lines.

How ISDN2 works

ISDN2 (BT uses ISDN2e to indicate European compliance) offers two lines and the ability to connect multiple digital devices as a high performance voice and data service for small businesses. A single ISDN2 line has dual full-duplex 64Kbps channels, which are normally used separately so two calls can be made simultaneously. You can easily add extra ISDN2 circuits later for more simultaneous connections and/or greater bandwidth.

Larger organisations may opt for the greater line capability of ISDN30. But for a small organisation keen to adopt the power of digital telephony, ISDN2 represents a significant upgrade from conventional lines. For a surprisingly modest installation and rental fee, even micro businesses can benefit from productivity-boosting digital phone system features.

Possible applications

Once ISDN2 has been installed, you can quickly start to benefit from features and applications that help you be more productive and compete more effectively in competitive marketplaces:

  • Save money with VoIP telephony – ISDN2 makes it possible
  • Converge telephone and IT systems with computer telephony integration
  • Enjoy faster, cheaper broadband
  • Data conferencing and videoconferencing
  • Connect to your office network remotely
  • Link local area networks at different sites
  • Increase team productivity with features such as Direct Dialling In (DDI) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

With even the simplest ISDN2e circuit, up to eight digital devices (NTE 8) can be connected: digital phones, fax machines or computers equipped with ISDN cards. Older analogue equipment needn’t be consigned to recycling either – it can easily be connected to an ISDN2 line through a suitable terminal adapter.

Will you harness the power of digital telephony or watch your competitors do so? There’s no need to miss out when it’s so easy and cost-effective to go digital with ISDN2 or other digital line options. Contact us for more information and impartial advice on the right line for your organisation.