Telephone Systems

Panasonic IP Softphones

Whether for day-to-day use, or when faced with travel disruptions or bad weather, IP Soft Phones use standard broadband technology to give businesses like yours incredible communications continuity – and save you money.

The technology to give your businesses incredible communications

Empower your mobile workers

For small organisations or multinationals, the Panasonic KX-NCS8100 IP Softphone empowers mobile workers, ‘road warriors’ and sales and support staff. Anyone, in fact, who could use the benefit of enterprise-wide IP telephony through your IP PBX.

One simple application lets people work anywhere

An IP Softphone is software that emulates phone hardware and enables connection between users who have internet access. Imagine using this simple Windows application to link all your remote employees and let them access your corporate IP network from anywhere. It’s possible: the KX-NCS8100 means that workers can keep supporting customers and earning you money from wherever they are without the expense of a business landline – all they need is a computer, internet access and their Panasonic IP Softphone.

Like a familiar handset on your computer desktop

When the IP Softphone application launches, it’s like having a familiar desktop phone and handset on your Windows desktop. As well as many other basic phone functions, users get plenty of programmable keys, one-touch recording, message/ringer indication and Copy & Paste from any application. It’s the functionality users know and love – with the convenience of IP telephony over secure broadband such as your company’s virtual private network (VPN).

Save money and maintain productivity

Imagine saving money by making cheap calls across the internet. Or knowing staff are making and taking business calls from their home PC next time there’s a rail strike or severe weather stops them getting into the office.

It has never been easier to transform your business with Panasonic IP Softphones. Contact us now to learn more or to arrange your personal demonstration.