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Panasonic IP Handsets

It’s no surprise then that Panasonic offers an excellent range of IP handsets (VoIP handsets) for businesses facing communication challenges like yours.

Modern business environments demand the benefits of cheap Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony

The interface between you and the power of VoIP telephony

These fully-featured handsets are the final interface between you and the power of VoIP technology, whether over the internet or an internal IP network. Based on the technology of software-based Softphones, IP handsets use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or other protocols to deliver cost-effective, reliable and interference free communications. Power over Ethernet support ensures easy installation and you’ll save money by using existing infrastructure.

Stylish IP handsets packed with technology

Looking much like a stylish traditional desktop or mobile phone handset, Panasonic IP handsets typically combine established phone hardware with IP technology. General Purpose Processors (GPP) are used to process application messages, sitting alongside voice engines/digital signal processors to process Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) messages, converters between voice and digital data and Ethernet or wireless network hardware. The result, as can be seen from the specifications of the following Panasonic IP phones, is amazing sophistication, versatility and sheer usability over the internet or internal networks.

The features you want – from entry-level to enterprise level

Typical features of IP handsets include Caller ID, Dialling using name/ID, locally stored and network-based directories, conference call and multi-party capability, call transfer and hold. Even the most affordable entry-level Panasonic IP handsets offer massive capability allied to great looks. SIP solutions keep remote workers in touch. And at the top-end, the most sophisticated IP handsets are ready for deployment over the largest corporate networks. And for users with special needs, Bluetooth® modules, touch screen handsets and programmable-key add-on modules are also available for certain handsets.

There’s a perfect Panasonic IP handset for you

Is yours a small-but-growing business or an established multinational? If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of IP telephony, there’s sure to be a perfect Panasonic IP handset to complement your phone system.

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