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Fax to Email Service

We’ll help you use the power of this underutilised business tool

Fax to Email Service is based on phone numbers that allow incoming faxes to be received as an email attachment. Fax to Email means anyone with an email Inbox can receive faxes without the hassles traditionally associated with busy fax machines. In fact, Fax to Email could even replace your noisy, paper-hungry old fax and is the perfect complement to our Cheaper Calls & Lines.

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What are the benefits?

Remember the worst aspects of faxes: busy lines or waiting for the fax to ring; running out of paper, fax rolls or ink; ‘lost’ faxes and those dreaded jams… With your Fax to Email service, you’ll be freed from these troubles forever. What’s more, because you’ll cut the amount of paper you use, you’ll save money and help the environment. And because incoming ‘faxes’ are converted to email attachments, they go straight into your paperless office system (no more scanning from hardcopy fax to JPEG or PDF) for improved speed, efficiency and confidentiality. In summary:

  • Get immediate notification when a fax arrives
  • Avoid the hassles of traditional fax machines
  • Receive faxes when you are away from the office
  • Save money on consumables
  • Help the environment
  • Receive multiple faxes at the same time
  • Increase security and confidentiality
  • Avoid time-consuming scanning
  • Simplify filing of faxes for audit purposes
  • Forward faxes easily to co-workers
  • No special software required
  • Get rid of your fax machine completely

What sort of Fax to Email numbers are available?

Ask us about the range of Fax to Email services that we offer, and the competitive rates for services as diverse as a simple standalone service, convenient 0800 numbers, or sophisticated services based on other non-geographic numbers. If you need to receive faxes and you’d like them to come straight to your Inbox, we can help.

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