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Everyone’s time is precious and the pressure’s on to get more out of meetings at less cost. The latest Panasonic Conference systems can save you time and money – with sound quality that’s almost as good as meeting face-to-face and lots of productivity-enhancing features.

Your colleagues, customers or suppliers are countrywide, or international

Corporate conferencing power for the smallest organisation

The Panasonic KX-NT700 IP Conferencing System makes it simple to enjoy high quality meetings with multiple participants in different locations. In a small office or at home, this puts corporate boardroom conferencing power in the hands of even the smallest organisation.

Collaboration just got easier

Collaboration couldn’t be easier as you can operate up to three KX-NT700 desktop systems on a standard office data or broadband IP network. And as your business grows, or your conferencing needs become more sophisticated, imagine being able to connect into web and video conferencing using your standard broadband.

Packed with time- and money-saving features

We believe it’s not a question of whether you’ll save time and money with Panasonic Conferencing, but how much. With a KX-NT700 IP on your desktop the opportunities to cut costs and collaborate more effectively are virtually unlimited.

Each unit is packed with useful features, ranging from digital real-time slow-talk, beam forming technology to capture speakers as they move around the room, and SD card support to record every moment of your meeting. You can even bring mobile calls into a multi-party IP conference meeting. What’s more, the KX-NT700 comes with Conference Phone Manager software, a Windows-based application that helps you get the most out of an already- powerful communications tool.

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