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Even small UK businesses can work more productively and profitably with integrated business telephony and computing. That’s why Computer Telephony Integration is causing such a stir. We’ll show you how to harness the power of Computer Telephony Integration with Panasonic CTI Solutions like these:

Improve the productivity with CTI

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Integrate real-time and non real-time services

CTI brings together different comms services in the way that an orchestra combines the capabilities of different instruments. As standalone tools, phones, email, the internet, IT networks, voice mail systems, fax and video-conferencing are great business tools. When real-time and non real-time services are integrated, the benefit for even the smallest organisation is multiplied – that’s Unified Communications.

The darling of mobile staff

Then there’s the way traditional hardware appears as internet applications. The IP Softphone is the darling of mobile staff. In the latest versions, the functionality of a top-end Panasonic system phone appears on a Netbook screen – enabled by VoIP telephony for virtually cost-free global communications.

Personalise caller experiences with Computer Telephony Integration

When communication managers talk telephony, call centre capability often follows. If your business uses phones, you could enjoy all the functionality of a professional call centre with the Panasonic Desktop Telephony Assistant. A heavyweight call centre on a laptop? Absolutely, just imagine the possibilities, especially when products like CommsOffice CTI help your team personalise each caller’s experience. Forget ‘answering the phone’ – from now on, they’re managing calls to profitable outcomes.

Transform your business

On the subject of call centres, have you ever wished for Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to intelligently route inbound calls to your customer support team. ACD, in the form of products such as the Panasonic KX-NCV 200 ACD, gives even tiny specialist businesses the call distribution power of major multinationals.

Imagine how, with just a handful of tools, your business could be transformed. Now, you’re punching above your weight and taking on the world with Computer Telephony Integration. The final step is monitoring and managing everything for maximum productivity and minimum comms costs. That’s where CommsOffice Contact Centre earns its keep.