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CommsOffice Voice Call Recording Solutions

A powerful call recorder application for large and small businesses

Telephone Systems (UK) is proud to specify and install CommsOffice Voice™ call recording software for businesses like yours. CommsOffice Voice offers versatile call recording for all sizes of organisations. Whether yours is a small company or a multi-site enterprise, CommsOffice Voice has a solution to protect your business and help you improve customer service.

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Even small organisations can benefit from CommsOffice Voice

Whether you need to record calls for legal compliance or quality control, CommsOffice Voice is a proven product for every-day use in heavy-duty, high-demand environments where reliability, ease of use and low maintenance is essential. With CommsOffice Voice, you can enjoy all the benefits that were once available only to major call centres.

Packed with powerful features

CommsOffice Voice is designed to grow as your business evolves. It’s packed with powerful features including these:

  • Live monitoring
  • Automatic or on-demand recording
  • Remote access (web browser or phone)
  • Search and playback
  • Instant recall
  • Remote access LAN/WAN
  • Storage and archiving
  • Quality control management
  • Reporting
  • Compressed file management
  • Emailing (WAV format)
  • Alarms

The benefits of CommsOffice Voice

Whether your business uses analogue, ISDN or other line types, CommsOffice Voice integrates easily with your phone system, voice mail systems and other aspects of computer telephony to provide important benefits in these key areas:

  • Liability – resolve disputes and protect your business.
  • Quality control – improve staff performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Security – detect or deter security breaches and inappropriate calls.
  • Training – coach staff with examples of best practice call handling.
  • Marketing data – learn how customers respond to your marketing activities.

CommsOffice Voice and Telephone Systems (UK)

Are you ready to harness the power of CommsOffice Voice for your business? Contact us to arrange a demonstration, consultation and prompt installation.