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Powerful phone, internet and data management for your business

What’s your biggest office expense? If you’re like many UK businesses, overall communication costs probably run close behind salaries. Fortunately, Telephone System (UK) and CommsOffice Contact Centre can help you rein them in.

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A sophisticated management and reporting tool

Is yours a small business or a large multi-site operation? Either way, CommsOffice™ is the easy to use, communications management and reporting tool that puts you back in control and supports activities such as these:

  • Track sales teams and individual sales centre agents
  • Monitor the performance of support environments
  • Monitor telephone, internet and email use
  • Control costs
  • Optimise PABX lines
  • Monitor live ACD call statistics
  • Measure customer feedback from specific marketing initiatives
  • Predict peak business times

Got a phone system? You'll benefit from CommsOffice Contact Agent

If you've got a phone system you could benefit from CommsOffice. The easy-to-install software integrates perfectly with your phones, voice mail systems, computer telephony and broadband so you can track and control all aspects of telephony, internet, data and email.

An investment in your future productivity

With CommsOffice, it's easy to monitor and measure network capacity and capability and fine-tune services for efficiency. CommsOffice Contact Centre is more than just another network management application – it's a wise business investment.

For all businesses that monitor calls and data traffic

Originally designed for contact centres, the powerful functionality of CommsOffice makes it ideal for any business that needs to monitor employee calls, internet and email usage. It's easy to use too, with a familiar ‘MS Outlook' feel and a vast range of reporting options. Imagine a powerful office software application designed specifically for your communications. That's CommsOffice.

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What will your business do with the valuable information and cost savings you achieve with CommsOffice? As your local CommsOffice Contact Centre partner, Telephone Systems (UK) makes it easy to enjoy the benefits.

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