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Don’t just answer calls – manage them more effectively

Computer telephony integration (CTI) integrates your phone system with your IT network. It has boomed recently as business contact channels have expanded from traditional voice to include email, the web (IP telephony) and fax. Now, Telephone Systems (UK) and CommsOffice CTI bring the power of CTI to even the smallest UK organisation.

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Manage calls into profitable opportunities

If your team take phone calls, you could benefit from CTI. As part of a [unified communications] strategy, CTI makes it easy to personalise interaction between your phone system and your customers, reduce call times, and improve the efficiency of your call handlers. With Telephone Systems (UK) as your partner, it's easy to benefit from CTI. Instead of just ‘answering the phone', your staff will actively manage calls and turn them into profitable business opportunities.

The benefits of CommsOffice CTI

Using CommsOffice CTI™, you'll easily combine information from telephone systems, business applications and databases to give users fuller picture of your customer. Naturally, CommsOffice CTI integrates with other voice mail systems and computer telephony. The benefits for your organisation include these:

  • Save time on calls
  • Manage calls more effectively
  • Access historical data to maximise cross-selling opportunities
  • Personalise interaction with callers
  • Reduce customer hold times
  • Screen-based functions increase staff productivity
  • Prioritise calls better
  • Handle more calls with a given number of staff
  • Save time and money – whatever the size of your business

Reduce the time, cost and complexity of deploying CTI in your business

Enjoying these benefits is easy. At Telephone Systems (UK), we understand the power of CommsOffice CTI and will help you choose the right configuration for your needs.

Contact us now to discover how this application can reduce the time, cost and complexity of deploying CTI and integrating it with Microsoft Office and your other CRM applications.