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Cheaper Business Calls

How much will you save with cheaper business calls?

How much do you spend on expensive business calls – and what could you save when Telephone Systems UK arranges cheaper business calls for you, while increasing your business efficiency and profitability? All it takes is a quick call to our helpful, UK-based advisers. You’ll be amazed by the savings we‘ll find for you.

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How do we arrange cheaper business calls for UK?

We use carrier pre-selection (CPS) to automatically re-route your calls to an alternative carrier offering cheaper business calls. It’s simple and easy and you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t change before. With our cheaper business calls packages, you could benefit from call rates that substantially cheaper than BT’s too – even if you’re already using BT business plans. We know, because we deal directly with all the major networks: Opal, Gamma and BT Openreach. We are able to purchase the products and infrastructure they provide at wholesale prices.

More about carrier pre-selection

You’ll enjoy many benefits when you use carrier pre-selection. Many clients aren’t interested in how it works – just the savings. In case you want to know more, here are the highlights:

  • No installation charges.
  • A full range of PSTN services including call divert, call minder, caller display, call barring and number withholding.
  • No need to change numbers or equipment.
  • All your exchange lines are included – no calls leak onto more expensive networks.
  • No prefix to dial and no diallers to purchase.
  • Big savings on national, international and mobile calls.
  • Improved account administration with a single bill for all your services.
  • The option to include line rental on your monthly itemised bill.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable UK-based support.

A simple switch to cheaper business calls

Businesses often imagine that changing will be stressful and complicated. It isn’t. You keep your existing number and all calls are routed automatically – your staff don’t need to add fiddly dialling prefixes. When Telephone Systems (UK) handles your cheaper business calls, you can even transfer your BT line rental to us so one simple bill covers your business calls and cheaper business lines.

Isn’t it time we discussed cheaper business calls?

Will you carry on with expensive business call billing – or take the simple step to cheaper business calls with Telephone Systems (UK)? Contact us to discover how much you’ll save.