Telephone Systems

Implementing the Phone System

Armed with your needs assessment, it’s time to talk to potential phone system suppliers. As with your needs assessment, it’s vital to invest time in this. As well as ensuring that you get the best possible system, you could be embarking on a long working partnership.

Given the proliferation of phone systems dealers since the UK market was liberalised, how should you go about finding a good local dealer?

  • Reputable online directories
  • Vendor websites
  • Recommendation
  • Listings of manufacturer accredited dealers
  • Local knowledge

As part of this site, you can quickly access your local Telephone Systems (UK) office. With our comprehensive UK coverage you’re sure to find that we have an experienced phone systems expertise close to you.

You need someone who is manufacturer accredited (and check that their accreditation is up to date). Choose someone who has specific experience with the needs of similarly sized businesses to yours, or organisations working in a similar sector.

Here’s a quick checklist of things to establish when you are short listing potential suppliers:

  • Are they manufacturer accredited?
  • Have they undertaken installations for similar businesses?
  • Can they demonstrate suitable systems to you?
  • Are they locally based for attentive service and local market knowledge?
  • Will they provide a complete package including cabling and hardware?
  • Can they help with calls and billing services?
  • What are their support and maintenance costs?
  • Will they provide training (at what cost)?
  • Is it a well established business?
  • Can they provide good references and showcase projects?
  • Will you have a single point of contact (SPOC) – insist on this.

Having shortlisted a few possible suppliers, ask them to visit you. Give them your needs assessment and see what they come up with. At this stage, look for the following:

  • Willingness to ask you questions about your requirements
  • A considered approach to solutions
  • Good chemistry (do they feel ‘right’)
  • Locally based for service?
  • Clear thinking about future maintenance
  • Open and transparent approach
  • Genuine interest in your needs

Having found a potential supplier who meets all of these criteria, you've probably found partner who will help you harness the power of your new phone system.