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Analogue Line Rental Costs

Proven reliability at very competitive rates.

When you require the proven reliability of basic analogue telephone lines we believe you'll find our analogue line rental costs very competitive. As the perfect complement to our fast, competitively priced analogue line installation they make it easy to budget for your non-digital line rental costs.

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Line Charges
Service Monthly Line Rental
PSTN (per line) £11.50

The competitive analogue line rental costs you expect

Analogue PSTN lines may be less glamorous and support less-sophisticated functionality than their ISDN counterparts. But for many businesses they are all that is needed – or they’re essential for specialised purposes or as a backup for digital and VoIP lines. Either way, we understand that competitive analogue line rental costs are still important. We won’t disappoint you.

One convenient bill itemises your analogue line rental costs

Whatever your reasons for requiring analogue phone lines, you'll expect the same service, impartial advice and competitive line rental costs that we provide for our other line rentals. And of course, your analogue line rental costs will appear on a convenient single bill that makes it easy to monitor and administer your telecommunications expenditure.

Contact us for great analogue line rental costs

Whether we provide one analogue line or a full package of analogue and digital lines, broadband and IT services, you can count on the same high standards. Contact us now for information on analogue line rental costs, your personalised quote and advice on installation.