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Analogue Installation Costs

A cost-effective and practical solution for many everyday needs.

Analogue telephone lines are still the phone lines of choice for many purposes. As business or residential phone users we’re all familiar with analogue line installation costs – payment of one-off analogue line installation costs, followed by ongoing line rental. They may not have the cutting-edge appeal of the latest high-capacity digital lines but they’re still important.

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Line Charges
Service Installation
PSTN (per line) £110.39

Analogue lines are sufficient for many businesses’ needs

For many small organisations, analogue lines will meet their requirements. They’re simple to arrange and installation costs are low. Similarly, there are other specialised applications where analogue lines may still be appropriate, even where businesses have invested in digital ISDN line installation or moved to VoIP telephony. These applications can include the following:

  • Analogue fax machines
  • Dial-up PC modems, POS equipment and card readers
  • Alarm system connections
  • Telemetry systems
  • Emergency phones
  • Phones in outbuildings not economically accessible by a digital line

Whether you need a basic conventional line or non-digital lines for back-up or specialist purposes, we’re sure low analogue line installation costs will be of interest to your business.

Great service and competitive analogue line installation costs

With years of experience of phone installation and solid industry contacts (gone are the days of analogue lines only being installed by BT), we can offer favourable analogue line installation costs – supported by great service and competitive ongoing analogue line rental costs too. Contact us for more information.