Telephone Systems

Panasonic Analogue Handsets

While larger businesses are increasingly opting for the enhanced clarity and data-handling capacity of digital phones, traditional analogue handsets still have an important place in business telephony.

Panasonic is an established player in both digital and analogue handsets

Analogue handsets are perfect for many applications

Where limited functionality is required, an analogue phone system is in place, or cost control is critical, analogue handsets often suffice. Indeed, many successful small businesses, as well as most of our homes, still rely on analogue telephony – and the purists still argue that it gives richer sound quality too...

Panasonic is a proven name in analogue phones

Panasonic is an established player in both digital and analogue handsets. You can be sure that, even when you choose analogue, you’ll be getting the most out of what is, after all, established technology.

Plenty of features from a great range of analogue handsets

A quick look at Panasonic analogue handsets reveals functionality, from basic call capability to programmable keys, headset compatibility and auto answering, to meet the needs of many users.

Helping you choose the best solution for your business needs

What’s right for your business? We’ll help you with impartial advice based on a clear understanding of your business requirements and system constraints. If your users really need the advanced functionality of the latest technology we can help you make the right choice; if not, a great range of analogue handsets and the same high standard of customer care, advice and service awaits you.

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