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0871 Telephone Numbers Charges

Many businesses have migrated from 0870 to 0871.

These are fixed tariff numbers; the caller always pays the owner of the number a fixed rate, regardless of where in the UK they are calling from and the time of day. The 0871 can be linked to a phone or fax line (many businesses also have them for fax lines to deter so-called ‘fax spammers’.)

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A cost-effective business tool

For revenue generation purposes, 0871 numbers have replaced the once-familiar '0870' number for technical support lines where the number’s owner doesn’t want to subsidise the inbound call. These numbers are typically subject to a modest set up charge, after which the call provider takes a percentage of the call charges before passing the remainder to the number’s owner. As such, they can be a very cost-effective business tool.


The benefits of 0871 numbers include the following:

  • Revenue sharing
  • National presence, even for small organisations
  • Perfect for technical support lines
  • Diversion to landlines or fax
  • Forwarding to many overseas numbers
  • Accessibility from abroad (dependent on network carrier)
  • No charge to receive calls on your 0871 numbers

Suitable for technical support or data response lines

Care should always be taken to avoid using 0871 numbers where high call volumes are expected from ‘at risk’ sections of the population (such as the elderly or people on low or fixed incomes). For many other purposes, 0871 numbers are perfect for tech support and data response services where the use of even-more expensive premium rate numbers would be unsuitable.

Expert advice on choosing 0871 numbers

Getting the most out of your 0871 numbers, and meeting requirements is easy with an experienced partner.

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