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0870 Telephone Numbers Charges

For years, 0870 were a rich source of revenue sharing.

This was typically for information lines and advicelines. These included the ubiquitous ‘customer service’ line and many IT support lines. Used in this way, 0870 offered an effective way to offer services without subsidising the cost of inbound calls.

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Recent Ofcom changes effectively ended revenue sharing on 0870 numbers

Although recent Ofcom changes effectively ended revenue sharing with 0870 numbers, businesses are still free to use the numbers. They can do this provided they comply with Ofcom’s rules about how the numbers are promoted. Businesses that do this have had to accept removal of revenue share; in many cases, they have opted to migrate to new numbers instead.

Switch from 0870 to another non-geographic number

Since the recent changes, and the end of revenue sharing on 0870 numbers, many businesses are successfully using other numbers, such as 0845 numbers, as a customer-friendly alternative to 0870-prefixed numbers. Alternatively, to maintain revenue sharing where they already own 0870 numbers, many businesses have migrated their service to one of the newer 0871 numbers instead.

We’ll help you with your post-0870 choices

If you currently hold, or were considering buying, an 0870 number, please contact us for advice on the best choice of non-geographical numbers. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll help you find a cost-effective solution.