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0845 Telephone Numbers Charges

0845 were originally 0345 numbers.

That was back in the day when their ‘Lo Call’ tag played unashamedly on the word ‘local’. Indeed, until a few years ago these numbers were charged at the same rate as local calls. Although this has since changed, 0845 still offer excellent caller value compared to other higher cost numbers.

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Increasing popularity of 0845 numbers

Over the years, 0845 numbers have become associated with major businesses and public sector organisations. They’ve been used for customer servicing as well as for revenue sharing – not least with the proliferation of ‘free’ dial-up internet service providers since the mid 1990s.

The benefits

The benefits of 0845 numbers include the following:

  • Help a small business appear bigger than it is
  • Present a more professional image
  • Generate revenue on incoming calls
  • Help present a nationwide business presence.
  • No extra lines or equipment required
  • Direction of calls to a chosen landline or mobile number
  • Low set up costs
  • Deterrence of solicitation by ‘0800-targeting’ telesales callers

What’s more, with 0845 numbers increasingly included in call plans (including BT’s), the incentive to use them is even greater for potential customers.

Make 0845 numbers work harder for your business

Maybe you already understand the power of 0845 numbers for small and medium-sized businesses. Alternatively, perhaps you’re keen to own an 0845 number and start using it to build business.

Either way, contact us now for free advice on this and other non-geographical numbers.