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0844 Telephone Numbers Charges

In recent years, 0870 became important for many businesses.

However, with the UK telecoms regulator Ofcom recently ending 0870 revenue sharing, 0844 have taken over as one of the non-geographical alternatives for commercial organisations. If you haven’t already benefitted from an 0844 number, here are some of the reasons why you should.

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Benefits of 0844 numbers

With a range of caller costs available, 0844 numbers are already proving to be a popular way to get customers and sales prospects to call. The benefits include the following:

  • A powerful incentive to get customers to call
  • Improved response to marketing activities
  • Compatibility with all types of phone line
  • Save money by not having to reprint marketing materials when you change address
  • A valuable revenue stream
  • Improve customer trust in your business
  • A portable number that won’t change
  • Keep the location of your business private
  • No area code – you portray a national presence

Those 0870 numbers may be dead, but long-live 0844 and the many benefits it can bring for small and medium sized businesses across the UK.

Make the most of your 0844 numbers

Whether your main reason is wanting to make life easy for customers or to generate additional revenue, it’s easy to benefit from 0844 numbers. How will you use yours to build your business?

Contact us now for free advice on harnessing the power of these and other non-geographical numbers.