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0843 Telephone Numbers Charges

How to use 0843 charges to run a more profitable business?

These are another variation on non-geographic are are revenue-earning. When someone calls an 0843 number they are immediately redirected to another target or ‘destination’ number. This is usually a landline number but can also be a mobile number (at additional cost\charge). Either way, an 0843 number is perfect for businesses that want to generate revenue from charges on inbound calls.

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Benefits of 0843 numbers and charges

The benefits of 0843 numbers and charges can include the following:

  • Help a small business appear bigger than it is
  • Choice of number may be possible
  • Generate revenue with call charges for incoming calls
  • Help present a nationwide business presence
  • No extra lines or equipment required
  • Convenient budgeting with straightforward charges

Not local rate numbers

The 0843 numbers, like their other 084x stablemates, are useful business tools and can be a source of valuable revenue through charging to a business. However, care must be taken when promoting these numbers in advertising as no statements are allowed that imply that calls to 0843 numbers are charged at a local rate. As part of our service, we can help you stay within the law whilst making the most of your non-geographic number charges.

Helping you make the most of 0843 numbers and charges

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